The #1 choice of CIOs of digital focused enterprises

CIOs choose CodeWalnut for 3 objectives:
Build mission critical custom applications’ that are secure, fast and easy to maintain 
Launch mobile friendly e-commerce sites that handle million users & more
Implement ‘test automation’ to gain business trust in the *quality* of IT releases.
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Handcuffed to legacy applications? 

Are you stuck with outdated IT systems not fit for the digital era?

Unlock the power of the mobile web. 

Migrate in phases without disrupting business workflows. 

Use cutting edge tech in Next.js, Flutter, Node, and microservices. 

Need the right migration architecture?
Yes, Show me how

Flaky integration with ERP causing a spike in support tickets?

CodeWalnut builds resilient integration and observability so support teams can resolve IT issues rapidly.

CodeWalnut helped Akasa Air eliminate payment frustrations by building fault tolerance in billing integration.

Wish to know the recipe/secret sauce?

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Need to launch within tight deadlines but not sure you have the right tech talent?

Get top 1% of developers, architects and business analysts at short notice. Having the right talent is half the battle won.
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Feature image

Are you still releasing mission critical applications with manual testing

Build world class test automation, DevOps and switch on CI/CD
Eliminate regression issues in PROD using BDD and win back business confidence. 
Want to learn a BDD based automation PoC (using Selenium + SpecFlow + C#)
Talk to an expert
Unlocking AI for your business

Have you investigated AI for your business yet?

CodeWalnut’s team creates working demos of how generative AI helps business workflows. Figure out how to uniquely apply AIto your environment.
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Is ChatGPT part of your tech stack or a member of your tech team?!

Well its both @ CodeWalnut
Developers use ChatGPT & GitHub CoPilot to write clean code.
CodeWalnut builds demos using ChatGPT APIs to solve business use cases
You can increase store sales using mobile notifications plus ChatGPT
Talk to an expert
Success stroy

Akasa Air: Fastest ecommerce launch in airline history

Akasa Air launches its ecommerce portal in under 5 months, beats industry benchmark of 9-12 months.
Launch mobile friendly e-commerce sites that handle million users & more
Implement ‘test automation’ to gain business trust in the *quality* of IT releases.
Desktop View of Akasa Air Website

How do you get started with CodeWalnut?

Stage 1:

Discovery workshop

Meet the team, see work samples & discuss your needs. Assess if CodeWalnut can be a right fit vendor for your IT goals.
Stage 2:

Start a pilot

CodeWalnut does a paid pilot for 3-4 weeks with a money-back-guarantee. Check the quality of work & decide way forward.
Stage 3:

Sign up project

Be it a 3 month or 12 month project…define scope, get proposal and sign off. Agree the IT roadmap, key milestones and success criteria.

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CodeWalnut crew

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
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Natarajan Alagappan (Nattu)
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Ajay Batra
Chief Operations Officer
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Rupesh Baghmar
Principal Software Engineer
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Sachin Gupta
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