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CodeWalnut is a web development agency that unleashes the full power of Next.js for your web application.


Full-stack web application using Next.js with REST APIs and GraphQL APIs


Mobile-first website built with Next.js, Tailwind, Typescript, and headless CMS


E-commerce platform powered by Next.js, Typescript, and shopping APIs

Build your MVP with CodeWalnut’s ready-to-reuse Next.js templates

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Next.js is great for performance. In combination with Vercel deployments, your web pages will be fast-loading from day 1

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Make your MVP look awesome with Tailwind and Typescript tightly knit in.

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Launch serverless (read scalable web apps) using JAM Stack and Next.js

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With CodeWalnut, get the rapid pace of delivery. And no compromise on quality for speed.

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Growing enterprises
choose Next.js with
CodeWalnut. Here’s why

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Peace of mind for your IT security team. 

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Make your systems truly mobile-friendly for business users on the move.

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Choose CodeWalnut to build robust integrations with your IT ecosystem. No more IT failures disrupting business workflows.


Akasa - an airline started in 2022, became a digital leader by Jan 2023. 

Akasa built its website and e-commerce engine using Next.js, Tailwind, and GraphQL APIs. Fast loading pages, great UX and zero payment failures - made Akasa the #1 digital brand beating industry leaders in 9 months flat. 

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The tech stack behind Akasa’s digital success

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JAM stack implementation

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Next.js with Vercel
deployment delivered very
fast-loading pages

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Headless CMS using

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Integration with CRM,
payment gateway & airline reservation software

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Next.js Boilerplate Template

Starting a new Next.js project? Cut down setup time from days to hours with our pre-configured boilerplate templates.

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Engineering practices to deliver IT excellence

There are 6 reasons why CodeWalnut is hands down the #1 choice

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Kickstart your

Next.js Boilerplate Template


Starting a new Next.js project? Cut down setup time from days to hours with our pre-configured boilerplate templates.

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Armed with pre-configured templates and components, the development velocity is rapid and you get weekly releases packed with features.

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Hurriedly built web applications ignore security till it’s too late. Learn the 7 Common vulnerabilities that can ruin your company reputation.

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Using the JAMstack and headless CMS solutions, your static sites load at lightning speed both on desktop and mobile so your users are spared the wait. And with SEO best practices implemented on every page, your site will rapidly climb Google search rankings.

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Integrating with payment gateways invariably leads to financial leakage. Integrations with ERP systems can be flaky breaking your business critical reports. CodeWalnut builds 100 percent reliable scaffolding-based integrations to eliminate support tickets caused by flaky connections between systems.

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With CodeWalnut Next.js implementation, you can be confident that your application will shine on every screen size. Be the leader in the mobile era.

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Launching a web application is not the end, it’s just the beginning. You need to know proactively if something went wrong. Proper application logging, error handling, and clean documentation - all this is part of the CodeWalnut DNA. See an example of a handover document

Open source Next.js tool -
SEO Audit report

SEO Audit Report Tool is built using Tailwind, TypeScript, React, Node.js and Next.js. Converts raw data from Airtable into intuitive reports, this tool gives users the capability to view, share, and even download their reports as PDFs, powered by a robust Node.js backend.

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HelloAkasa Air SEO-report

Retail POS for SAP

Our Retail POS system, specially designed for SAP, offers a simple way for users to manage sales, track expenses, and handle small, everyday cash transactions. It is refined with the ability to handle cash denominations and filter transactions by date or time period.  We've used top-notch technologies like Next.js in the frontend with Tailwind, Prettier, and ESlint to ensure the best quality of code. It is powered by Node.js and express.js in the backend and a MySQL database with Jest and RWT to ensure the software functions correctly and is bug-free.

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Retail POS Website image

Brain health gamified assessment app

The Brain Health assessment web app uses gamification to determine the user's brain health. Backed with Node.js and express.js, the software is built with React in the frontend ensuring a lightweight and high-speed web application.

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Niji WebsiteNIji Website

Four steps to launch your
dream web application

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Understanding your vision, features, and requirements. 

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UI/UX designs and the technical architecture is shaped up with your inputs.

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Transforming designs into features, developing technical specs, implementing rapid agile development.

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CI CD and test automation to make incremental releases regression-free.

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Kickstart your Next.js project

Experience coding prowess firsthand. Choose CodeWalnut to build a prototype within a week and make your choice with confidence. We're eager to assist…

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Code quality never by accident

Best-in-class code practices to give you Next.js code that is ‘Built to Last’. Engineered for high-quality code

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Unit tests using RTL and Jest

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ESlint for code quality

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Prettier for consistentformatting

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Clean code using SOLID principles

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Components built using atomic design principles 


SonarQube reports for code coverage

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PR practices that developers swear by

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We handed over an MVP code base to the client with code reusable as atoms, molecules & organisms

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The full techstack for your Next.js web app

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Asked Questions

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Yes, Next.js is super popular due to its capabilities for server-side rendering, static site generation, and routing features which enhance the performance and SEO of React applications.

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Besides Next.js development, CodeWalnut has expertise in all types of java script frameworks, node.js, python, java, MongoDB and RDBMS technologies. 

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We're flexible in our approach and can seamlessly integrate with existing teams or handle end-to-end projects based on client needs. Need clear processes and coding expectations if we are part of a larger team.

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The cost of a Next.js project varies based on its complexity, features, and duration. We'd be happy to provide a detailed quote after understanding your requirements. Contact Us

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Besides Next.js development, CodeWalnut does UI, UX design, tech architecture, test automation, DevOps and infrastructure automation.

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We maintain open communication with our clients. If there's a change in scope, we discuss the implications of the timeline and budget and adjust accordingly.

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Yes, post-launch, we offer training sessions and detailed documentation to enable clients to manage and update your websites and applications.

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We leverage Next.js's server-side rendering capabilities and follow SEO best practices like semantic HTML, meta tags, and structured data to ensure our websites are SEO-friendly. We also have a team specializing in SEO and Digital marketing. To know more, visit

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We offer a standard warranty period for 4 weeks post-launch, addressing any bugs or issues at no extra cost. 

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Several big companies and brands, such as Netflix, Uber, Twitch, and Ticketmaster, have adopted Next.js for their web applications due to its performance and scalability advantages.

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Next.js is built on top of React and provides additional features like server-side rendering and static site generation. While React is great for building single-page applications, Next.js is beneficial for projects that require improved SEO, faster page loads, and more out-of-the-box features.

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