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CodeWalnut's WordPress Experts Meetup in Bangalore

April 12, 2024
8 min
WordPress Experts Meetup
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A Wholesome Kickstart to 2024: CodeWalnut's First WordPress Experts Meetup in Bangalore

Hey there, WordPress experts and tech buffs!

Before we dive into the actual event backstory, let's have a brief look at why we conducted the WordPress Meetup for the community.

WordPress is not just a platform; it's a powerhouse that's driving a massive 43.1% of the web.

It's all about ease of use, flexibility, and the ability to scale from a personal project to a global enterprise.

Big names like Sony Music, Time Magazine, NASA, Spotify, and IBM have all used WordPress to build their sites. It’s clear that WordPress is more than a tool—it's a community builder.

And that's exactly why we gathered in Bangalore: to connect, share, and grow with fellow WordPress experts in a laid-back, engaging, and totally geeky way.

How It All Started 🌱

So, let's kick things off by sharing a little backstory. We had this idea to stir up the tech scene in Bangalore.

We thought, "Why not build a community where folks who dig WordPress and tech can get together?"

We wanted to create a chill spot where anyone, be it a newbie or a pro, could share, learn, and just geek out over tech stuff.

That’s how we decided to throw our very own WordPress meetup.

It was all about getting the local WordPress and tech community to vibe, share knowledge, and grow together.

Fast forward to January 25, 2024, and there we were, hosting our very first 'WordPress Experts Meetup' right in the heart of Bangalore, HSR Layout.

It was more than just a meetup; it was like a mini-festival for WordPress practitioners.

Group picture from the meetup

The Details 🌟

Our meetup, titled 'Bangalore WordPress Experts Meetup' brought together practitioners and aficionados to delve into the intricacies of WordPress. The event was a testament to the simple yet powerful way we roll at CodeWalnut. 🤝

Date: 25th Jan 2024, Thursday - 4 to 7 PM

Venue: HSR Layout, Bangalore

What Happened at the Meetup?

This was no ordinary gathering. We explored the evolution of WordPress, from its humble beginnings as a blogging tool to emerging as an enterprise-grade platform with over 70,000 pages on NASA's site alone!

The topics were as diverse as they were intriguing:

- Advanced WordPress Block Editor

- Cutting-edge WordPress Architecture

- Bootstrap5 Optimization with ChatGPT

- GitHub PR Engineering Best Practices

Snippet from the meetup - Kritika in frame
Snippet from the meetup

A Shoutout to the Speakers 👏

Our heartfelt thanks to our exceptional speakers who brought these topics to life:

Ajit Bohra: Founder & CEO of LUBUS, an agency with 15+ years of digital solutions expertise. Ajit shared insights into the future of WordPress and the evolving WordPress block editor.

Ajit Bohra

Hemant: Boasting 6+ years of experience in clean code architecture, Hemanth discussed WordPress architecture and his work on Astra, implemented in millions of websites worldwide.


Lovepreet Singh: With 2+ years in front-end technology, Lovepreet discussed leveraging AI for tech support and shared creative solutions to tech problems.

Lovepreet Singh

Sarath G: In-house software developer with keen attention to detail. Sarath walked us through the best PR practices, drawing from his experiences with leading aviation websites like Akasa Air.

Sarath G

Their talks weren't just informative; they sparked conversations and lit up new perspectives within the WordPress community.

Kudos to Our Marketing Team and Renu 🙌

A special shoutout to our marketing team (Kritika and Maitreyi) and the fabulous Renu, who flawlessly hosted our speakers and played a pivotal role in the event's success.

Renuka wrapping up with key takeaways from the session
Kritika Gour- Senior Growth Marketer

Heartfelt Thanks to All Attendees 🤝

To everyone who joined us, you are the heart and soul of this event.

Your presence and active participation made the evening unforgettable.

We shared WordPress stories, learned from each other, and became a part of a thriving community in Bangalore.

And, of course, the evening wouldn’t be complete without the free-flowing food, drinks, and the joyous camaraderie that filled the room. 🍕

Group picture from the meetup
Team CodeWalnut

Stay Connected! 📱

Missed the event?

Fret not! You can still be part of our growing WordPress community.

Join our WhatsApp group here and connect with like-minded individuals on our LinkedIn community here.

📝 For future events and updates, stay tuned to our website and LinkedIn.

CodeWalnut, where WordPress passion meets community vibes. Let's keep the conversations going!✨



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